Why Pom Pom Beanies Are Popular?

The caps, hats or turbans whatever you call them but all are used to cover your head and protect it from heat or cold. Over the headwear evolution from early ages, all the head wears were kept on changing depends upon the weather, utility, fashion or choice. But this can be said with certainty that headwear has been an important part of human life and will always be part of our live foreseeable future. 

The head wears have been used for many different purposes. In human history, we have been seeing different of head wears as per time and mostly still are available with them in their original or upgraded versions. Some just used to protect them from scorching heat of extreme cold, in those situations, the use of head wears becomes mandatory. Not using the headwear may lead to severe heat or cold stroke that may endanger the person life. But as the human evolve the headwear evolve with them and there comes a certain age in human civilization when the headwear becomes the necessary part of human daily wear. Because the headwear used to distinguish between the different class of people or to portray their ranks in society. But from the dawn of the last century, the headwear becomes a necessity as the fashion like the 1950s and 1960s. The widespread use of headwear was always for military use and still, it is. The personal from armies or navies used to wear hats or caps as part of their uniform. This tradition is centuries old. Even some such traditions are still alive and part of our life such as pom pom beanies.

The pom pom beanies are said to be originated from Viking time (i.e. 800-1100 AD). After that, the sailor used to wear the pom pom caps to add extra protection on their head against the bashing waves. With time, the sailor caps have been transformed but the same style became popular as everyday headwear. Still, the pom pm beanies are one of the most popular types of cap. There are some unique reasons for it to be popular;

  1. Anyone can wear: The pom pom beanies can be said as the cap of all ages. Anyone can wear them. A kid or an adult. It is not limited to any gender. Both bender male or female can use them 
  2. Funky: Now the pom pom beanies come in hundreds of styles, colour and design. The pom pom attached to caps is also had unique design and shapes. These make these caps funky and fun to wear. Multiple colours and design options make them very likeable to everyone. 
  3. Good Cover: The pom pom beanies also serves its purpose to cover your head properly. It will completely cover your head and you can even extend it to your ears. They are perfect to protect your head and ears against cold weather. Check Unify Collection Shop for more details.