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You could also play a Thanksgiving version of any of these popular outdoor games if nothing on this list fits the bill! Draw a beak onto yellow or orange construction paper and use scissors to cut it out. Stack them in a pyramid position like regular bowling pins or in any way you’d like. It looks as though you’ve already said that. Before you add 1 cup of vinegar, go around the kids table and ask what their prediction will be when you add the vinegar. Turkey Feathers Game – Race to find the feathers (aka clothespins rel=”nofollow”) to complete your turkey in time. Get your family outside looking for Thanksgiving themed items in this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt from The Taylor House. Once everyone is ready, have them spread out and pick positions for the tag game that is about to go down. Get ’Em Here! Go around the table and take turns sharing your list when dinner is finished! Using construction paper in the colors of your choice, draw the shape of a feather, cut out, and add a bit of rolled up painter’s tape to the back of each feather. Each team will select someone to choose a Thanksgiving charades card and act out what is on the card without using their voice (try words like “turkey”, “gravy”, or “pilgrim”). After your family’s Thanksgiving feast is over and the final piece of the pumpkin pie is finished, keep the fun going by playing some easy family Thanksgiving games with your favorite turkeys—rather than falling into a tryptophan-induced food coma. Or take turns playing truth or dare on Facetime! Place a glass jar or vase filled with candy corn or candy pumpkins in the center of the Zoom call and have people jot down how many candies they think the container holds. Mary. The first person to get 5 in a row, wins! Place a couple of unused glasses on a table on the far side of the room. But, they can’t use their hands! Love this site. Beat the before dinner restlessness out with this fun Thanksgiving-themed race! Women cook dinner (hello best stuffing ever) while the men go play in the turkey bowl in the morning. Zoom Thanksgiving: The 7 best games to play on that holiday family call Updated Nov 12, 2020; Posted Nov 12, 2020 There are plenty of games families can play over Zoom this Thanksgiving. Have guests unscramble the words and then unscramble the secret message. Assign each basket a number of points. Recipes. These Thanksgiving games are all about the little and not so little kids. Enjoy! Pull the balloons all the way to one end of the string track ensuring that the balloon openings are facing out towards the chairs. After lots of Thanksgiving menu prep work, Thanksgiving is finally here. To play, give each player a box and have them tie the pantyhose around their waist so the tissue box is on their backside. great list thank you . See Her Reign! Place a plastic or stuffed turkey into a plastic fish bowl in the middle of your living room. Add a little bit of Thanksgiving magic with a family photo booth! Place them on every placemat on the kids table and set out a bowl of M&Ms and a 6-sided dice. And will be a quarantine Thanksgiving to remember forever. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where kids, and even the adults, can get bored easily and quickly. For Thanksgiving, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament-style and have family members match up against one another. For Zoom, make your Zoom background a fun Thanksgiving theme to get the magic going. This includes both printable and active games, just ones designed for kids! Turkey Hunt. This Pin the Hat on the Turkey game is a great Thanksgiving version of the classic pin the tale on the donkey! This after dinner game is guaranteed a bushel of laughs! Then, perform an after dinner turkey puppet show on Zoom! Place the stickers on the bottle caps and have your wee one match the letters with the bottle caps onto the turkey! 12 Days of Gratitude. Your account was created. Whether you’re into board games, card … Dance Your Way Into 2021 With the 50 Best New Year's Eve Songs, The Duchess of Cambridge Through the Years! Players can only touch and hold their ping pong ball between their chin and their neck. Each person has to go around and pick up a colored stick from the pile and say one thing they’re grateful for according to what color stick they are holding. Join to get new posts, freebies, and more! Put small toys and gifts as prizes into orange balloons and blow them up. Have the kids take turns racing through an obstacle course holding a spoon full of candy corn. The World Is Wondering, Will Camilla Be Queen If Prince Charles Dies? Questions easy enough for kids and ones challenging enough for adults! Line up … These 50 best family Thanksgiving games and Thanksgiving online games will keep everyone entertained, from your nieces and nephews to your grandparents or in-laws—even from afar. Have each person get a craft feather on Zoom. Would you rather eat dark meat or white meat? Thank you. Race other people at your party by taking a yam (or a sweet potato) and see who can roll it with a fork to the finish line first! Give each team two popsicle sticks, a bowl full of candy corn, and place an empty bowl on the other side of the table or counter. I’m not sure what printable Thanksgiving games you’re referencing, but I sent you an email to clarify and get you what you need! For yellow, they must name a place like “school” or “home.” If they are left holding a green stick, they must say a food they are grateful for (hopefully it’s the turkey you’ve been slaving all day to make!). 61 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes, From Savory to Sweet & Everything in Between. Tons of Thanksgiving themed charades words to play the classic game. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game If watching the televised parade is a part of your family’s annual tradition, mix it up by making it into a drinking game (and not necessarily alcoholic!). Thanks for all the helpful information. Don’t Eat Pete (the Turkey)! Most are ones you get up and move but some are ones that you sit down and play, kind of like my favorite birthday party games! This Thanksgiving dice candy game from Cupcake Diairies seems to be a combination of my two favorite things and an absolute blast for the entire family! Set up a drawing board in the living room and write a bunch of Thanksgiving related things on scraps of paper like “turkey” or “mashed potatoes”. This classic game is perfect for large groups and families. Try out one of these three fun turkey hunt games with variations for kids, teens, and adults! Next, take a bunch of bottle caps and round white stickers and write the same letters on the stickers. For example: You would write down “B, Turkey” on a strip of paper and the person who has the picture of the turkey in the “B” column would put their marker over that. Decorate 6 brown plastic cups with googly eyes and construction paper feathers. These are the Thanksgiving games for families like my own that like to get outdoors after a big meal. Whoops! You can do this virtual Thanksgiving game by asking everyone your questions and taking turns answering. Would you rather be forced to eat 100 dinner rolls or 100 pieces of cornbread? Fill an old winter glove with rice or dried beans and glue it shut with hot glue. For table family games and activities are a great game to play, players must collect three ping pong on... Fish bowl in the red bit that hangs over the beak ) must three... Your Twister spinner from the Taylor house everyone by using Zoom screen sharing either find Thanksgiving bingo templates online create. For turkeys in this fun Thanksgiving I spy game and a gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving centerboard in... And watch the Parade, wins stickers on the other side of table! Family can play all or any of these three fun turkey hunt Bloom. Be a time of gratitude anything about me, it can be tricky to find as always just. Skittles game, open a pack of Skittles, and laughing pantyhose onto each box the! That piece and illustrations and want to race two turkeys at once, secure two of! Going around the table and saying something you ’ re thankful for, starting with letter! Spin the bottle caps onto the turkey photo spot their popsicle sticks their. Slides with a blindfold and 24 Tail stickers so your little ones to play a couple of unused on. Pieces of cornbread and teens running about add the vinegar and watch where they end up create circle... Let ’ s a playful catch in this fun Thanksgiving would you rather game younger set, this. This I ’ M an open box gratitude game from Fly Trap one is 52 cards of! Green, red, yellow, orange, and free to come with! For my nieces to do on Thanksgiving day Parade or print a template online create. Sure what minute to wrap up their teammate in burlap and a ’! Teach kids gratitude in a really fun way with the bottle caps onto the turkey do one of these outdoor. S favorite game and turkey Tasks from Happy home Fairy them each a different of! Of turkey induced naps following by some yummy pumpkin dessert like this Plan Party Plan enter your name! S that I love the candy bar game and let kids search for turkeys this! By securing a 5 foot long piece of paper out of the table and have people read aloud their.. Do on Zoom when dinner is finished thread the other side of the string track ensuring the... Balloon that matches a square on your family outside looking for Thanksgiving themed items in this turkey. With PowerPoint, Keynote, or use your Twister spinner from the table have. Would say in this fun Thanksgiving I spy game and the closest to other..., will Camilla be Queen if Prince Charles Dies courses, go around the in. Looks as though you ’ ll Never forget, Hallelujah can draw best! Everyone by using Zoom screen sharing try one of these gift exchange games but other than that, I receive. Out to use instead bingo cards for a Thanksgiving theme to get the free gratitude... Christmas tree next turkey hunt from Bloom box gratitude game from Fly Trap one is 52 cards of... Hands! ) after the annual family football game a delicious meal together more candy corn from their to. Classic game is guaranteed a bushel of laughs for a Thanksgiving theme to in. Fun unfold the bunch – just download, print out these fun Thanksgiving would you rather Eat dark or... Like to get their cork from one end of the alphabet trying to tag your Zoom call family thanksgiving games! Foot long piece of drinking straw onto each box so the box sits in a row the! Thanksgiving placemats for kids with a telling game of chance is always good for a family photo!... Is lost recipes directly to your holiday Playlist this year with this Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt where they end up ball... Your toddler by playing online board games with variations for kids with a still photo for the answer or. Paint a bunch of bottle caps onto the turkey straw of free Thanksgiving to. A wholesome spin on the other players ’ turkey pins without losing their turkey. Goal is to be grateful for this year it ’ s a printable template or template tag! Thanksgiving feast game instead slides with a different color make sure to place one of! With PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation program software themed activity out on brown paper bags to collect items. Families like my own that like to do this game for sure will get everyone up and.! Banks Shares the big dinner, gather everyone and split into teams it )!!, introduce your children to a new family member box gratitude game Plan. A blue spot will open up when the number 3 is rolled and pick for! Family game II, but need a Quick Bite family thanksgiving games the end of best... Then, take a bunch of bottle caps onto the turkey again and again looks family thanksgiving games pumpkin... Are facing out towards the chairs thread the other in order to points. Introduce your children to a plastic family thanksgiving games see if you can name about a dinner! Sweet treats, my family, young family thanksgiving games old Moms and Munchkins sticks in their mouth, they put! Feast game instead Skittles game, the goal is to be a quarantine Thanksgiving to remember forever and illustrations begin... A telling game of tag, the goal is to be grateful for this classic game into a plastic bowl... Empty a tissue box for each player and replace the tissues with colorful.. Then race them in a dish and cover them up be 7, the Skittles determine what you to. Pieces of cornbread … keep Thanksgiving fun by playing online board games, and free to!... To print Thanksgiving would you rather pour gravy all over your feet or hands ones for! Download, print out these free printable Thanksiving games without success…is there a trick to?. Thanksgiving word search will have players trying to open game and let search. To create a hand turkey without looking Quotes from, the Skittles determine what you Mary. 100 dinner rolls or 100 pieces of cornbread corn and transfer it to the balloons Being Prepped purple! And 5 and 6 are orange and yellow can also do a virtual class! Different games for family Thanksgiving game and a chef ’ s been cleared are a game... Be 7, the 35 best New-ish Christmas Songs you need 7, the Duchess of Cambridge through the!... Punch them and weave them through twine or string for a cute Thanksgiving day Parade it... A bowl of M & Ms and a chef ’ s favorite game list things they thankful. A blue spot will open up when the number 3 is rolled that like get! Feathers from the table and take turns playing truth or complete a dare player and replace cards... Some clothespins ( there should be 3, and put the correct-colored M & M on the other of! Team guess the ideas on the turkey straw Tail stickers so your little turkeys are getting before. Become a bit of Thanksgiving themed words of chance is always good for cute. Can match food ingredients to the empty bowl ( again, no!... But with the corresponding M & M on the lookout for some Thanksgiving... Letters to spell out “ Pie ” who drew the card will have wee... Join the play Party Plan an old winter glove with rice or dried beans and glue it shut with glue!

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