are quest bars healthy

Quest Hero bar is the best *NEW* product to come out of Quest in a long time. Made to supply your body with the additional protein necessary to build lean muscle and to help maintain a healthy weight, the Chocolate Peanut Butter bar ranks among the best in the Quest bar line of products. The packaging on this seemingly harmless option touts 10g of protein and a gluten-free makeup; but don’t be fooled: These bars pack 5g of saturated fat in each bar, and upwards of 7g of sugar. But if you don’t read … They have had their fair share of misses as of late, but the Hero bar is a good effort. Quest bars taste much the same as the big box candy bars, but again, without the only side-effect--carbohydrates. We evaluated them all so you can make the best choice. A healthy protein bar should only have recognizable ingredients, and ideally, very few ingredients. There are about a hundred different flavor options and they all sound like straight up dessert – chocolate chip cookie dough, mocha chocolate, and blueberry muffin just to name a few. Why are You Eating a Protein Bar? It’s not the most healthy bar … Some bars are designed to be meal replacements, while others are purely snacking food. 5. Known for their high protein content, they’re a favorite among athletes and people on the go. Sure, nutrition bars can be part of a healthy lifestyle, but most are loaded with sugar and other unwelcome additives. Quest Bars are probably one of the most recognizable and popular protein bars on the market. You’d get about the same amount of saturated fat …

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