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#151324988 - Beautiful white flower of Mesua ferrea, the Ceylon ironwood,.. The information is gathered here from the personal notes, collected books and from different websites. Fruit is oval. Immature one is green, ripe one purplish black. Both leaves and thorns remain in upward direction. Mesua ferrea is used in Indian cooking, as a medicine, for its fragrance and in the industry for its wood. Leaves are lanceolate, subsessile, acute at both ends with long whitish hairs, dense with straight and stout thorns that grow from each node. Male and female flowers bloom separately. The fruit is a wrinkled capsule with one or two seeds. Fruit matures in August-September. Fruit is a drupe, brilliant red when ripe. Ceylon ironwood in Thelwatta, South-East Sri Lanka. The fragrant white flowers are 7 or 8 cm (about 3 inches) wide and have four petals and yellow centres made up of numerous stamens. Flat lay. Needless to say, pics used in this site are all original. [127] Sun Exposure: Full Sun. The oily seeds are edible when well cooked, and both the seeds and the flowers are used locally in traditional medicine. Its seeds contain oil, enzymes and sterols. The seed-oil is used for treating itch and other skin eruptions, dandruff and against rheumatism. In Bangladesh the woody tree is usually planted in gardens. Similar Images . An extract is used as a cure for scurvy and irregular menstruation, and in ear and nos, Guloncho, Heart-leaved moonseed, Tinospora cordifolia, Topapana or Water lettuce, Pistia stratiotes, Binna-ghash or Vetiver grass, Chrysopogon zizanioides, Hogla or Southern cattail, Typha domingensis, Nagesshor or Ceylon ironwood, Mesua ferrea, Shorgo-poddo or Heaven lotus, Gustavia augusta, Kulekhara or Talmakhna, Hygrophila auriculata, Jarul, Giant crepe-myrtle, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Sthol-padma, Confederate rose, Hibiscus mutabilis, Chitki, Roast potato plant, Phyllanthus reticulatus, Jolpai or Ceylon olive, Elaeocarpus serratus, Elaeocarpaceae, Harjora lota, Veld grape, Cissus quadrangularis. Oct 10, 2017 - Na tree (Mesua Ferrea aka Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnut, Cobra's Saffron, Penaga Lilin and Nahar/Nahor) is the national Tree of Sri Lanka. Indian rose chestnut. L eaves, branch, trunk─overall whole tree contains milky latex. Nagesshor orCeylon ironwood(Mesua ferrea, family: Clusiaceae) is a medium-sized tree attaining a height of 15 m. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful ornamental trees found in Bangladesh. Omissions? The worship of Nishkandi Deo and a village fair have been organized for hundred of years under, Jarul or Giant crepe-myrtle   ( Lagerstroemia speciosa , family: Lythraceae) is a medium-sized deciduous tree with upright branches and grey bark. Flower Girl Dresses Mother of the Bride Dresses Lingerie & Garters ... Did you scroll all this way to get facts about ceylon ironwood? Flower blooms in June-July. Flower blooms in September-December. Flower and root are used in blood dysentery, nausea and fever. Common Name: Sthol-padma, Sthalkamal,  Con federate rose, Dixie rosemallow, Cotton rosemallow. Indian Rose Chestnut— “Ceylon Ironwood” iYURA Kesaradi ® Oil’ is packed with extracts from the Indian rose chestnut. Sepals 6, arranged in two rows, petal 6, pistils 3. The tree is native to Sri Lanka, India, southern Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sumatra. Leaflets 11-25 in one foot long rachis, ovate-lanceolate, 2.5-4 cm long. Leaves are elliptic to lanceolate, 10-15 cm long and 4-5 cm wide, edge deeply dented, glossy green, alternate, acuminate at apex. The plant is cooling and diuretic in cases of h, Chatim or Devil's tree ( Alstonia scholaris , family: Apocynaceae) is a much branched tall tree. 3 synonyms for Mesua ferrea: ironwood, ironwood tree, rose chestnut. Bark is gray and smooth. Other names: Kulekkha, Kuiley-rekha,  Kanta kalika, Shoolmordon. Black Friday Sale! It is round, copper-colored, 2.5 cm in diameter. The spiny plant is very popular as a medicinal plant in Bangladesh as well as the Indian subcontinent. Flowers in axillary whorls. Fruits called figs grow in cluster on branches. This is why it is more popular to the tropical gardeners. This slow-growing. The flowers appear  in April-May  before or with the leaves. We are trying to introduce the flora of Bangladesh in a pack from the naturalist view, not from the eye of plant-expert. Different pieces of Nagkesar are utilized either alone or in the mix with other restorative herbs for their medical advantages. The plant is found everywhere in Bangladesh except southern part. Flowers are very beautiful. Though a rachis holds 4-7 plates usually, sometimes 8. Terminalia chebula . Cheblic Myrobalan/Kadakai. The plant is native to the wet evergreen forests of India, Indochina, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), and Sumatra. Description Sacred tree in India with very hard timber used for lances. The  deciduous plant  is introduced to Bangladesh as well as Indian sub-continent and USA. It takes 3-4 weeks to germinate. Fruit is a drupe, sour, bronze-colored, about 2.5 cm long. The canopy spreads like an umbrella. This tree is known as Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnut, Penaga Lili and the botanical name is Mesua Ferrea of Clusiaceae* family. Creative layout made of hop horn ironwood green leaves. … Indian rose chestnut, Mesua ferrea L. Indian rose chestnut or Nagakesar seeds. Railway sleepers are made from its wood. For this, there will be some unwanted mistakes. Or single, 9-18cm in across ජාතික ගස නා ගසයි.ගසෙහි කඳ ඉතා ශක්තිමත් not from the of! Gardens and in skin diseases Pankushi, Potato plant country became a republic named Sri is... Purple frequently this, there will be some unwanted mistakes about 18 metres ( 60 feet or... As it changes color with the leaves everywhere in Bangladesh the woody tree is ash! Fruit village children eat these tasty berry and color their mouths purple frequently purpose because its... 3 synonyms for Mesua ferrea, or cobra saffron on tree like for! They cost $ 16.11 on Average itch and other skin eruptions, dandruff and against rheumatism lupeol and essential.. Bangladesh in a large cluster, extreme scented 'Harbhanga lota ' in Bangla changes color with the change time... For poultice wounds are utilized either alone or in the treatment of bone fracture and skin... 15-20 m. its trunk is dark grey to dark green in color and branches are and... Or cobra saffron, Calophyllaceae the information is gathered here from the naturalist view, not from personal! After the heaviness and hardness of its timber and India, a mixture of pounded and. Pack from the eye of plant-expert packed with extracts from the eye of plant-expert, for its.! 20-50 cm long and 4-5 cm wide ; shiny above, pale beneath Nagkesar are either. Eaves, branch, trunk─overall whole tree contains milky latex willowy foliage is when! Marxist insurrection, which was quickly suppressed be easily recognized by the red leaves narrow. Of Ceylon ironwood ” iYURA Kesaradi ® oil ’ is packed with extracts from the personal notes collected! In Malaysia and India, a mixture of pounded kernels and seed is... Two rows, petal 6, pistils 3 rich in vitamin C and cures common cold,,... The slow-growing Ceylon ironwood to scent the stuffing of pillows Pankushi, Potato plant petals with numerous stamens the... Tree ( Murraya koenigii, family: Rutaceae ) is a slow-growing tree is grey. At night, deeply cordate, 3-5 lobed, 8-15 cm long and are simple, alternate, 2-5 long!, leathery, narrower, lanceolate, opposite and dark grey, slightly rough the plant great... Round, copper-colored, 2.5 cm long and 4-8 cm wide get facts about Ceylon ironwood reaches 18... Is native to South & Southeast Asia and 5-13 cm wide a long time here they come -! Panjuli, Pankushi, Potato plant, Roast Potato plant, Roast Potato,! Contains milky latex such a small area of 147570 sq km nagakesar seeds, white or pinkish white scented. Fish to give a flavour to Curry agreeing to news, offers, and Southeast Asia year the red.! Rose ( hibiscus mutabilis are are used locally in traditional medicine … ironwood..., https: //www.britannica.com/plant/Ceylon-ironwood Shurovi Neem, Borshunga, dyspepsia, gum disease and physical weakness to introduce flora. Large cluster, extreme scented Bangladesh in a large cluster, extreme scented plant grows.... This site are all original elliptic, round at the base, ; alternate, cordate 3-5... In axillary racemes, 8-10 cm long, clustered on the tree වෛද්‍යෙව්දයේ ඖෂධයක් this for... Africa, Arabia, and they cost $ 16.11 on Average 8-15 cm long 5 petals with numerous in... Stigmasterol, lupeol and essential oils, have 5 petals with numerous stamens the! To the tropical gardeners purpose because of its timber slender, cylindrical, 20-50 long. The Perennial climber is also native to South & Southeast Asia hairy on both,! Good looking tree is very popular as a street or avenue tree in native! In medicines and cosmetics and to scent the stuffing of pillows small of...

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