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“We are currently implementing XYZ, do you have experience with this/how would you tackle this?” Using active scenarios gives a useful insight in how the candidate would take on the challenges your business is currently facing. Inform your HR team It is best practice to tell your HR team if you are planning to interview a candidate that you have previous connections with. Our consultants recruit for the biotechnology, generics, CRO, and medical device industries. "And what I experienced last year is that a lot of contractors are having half of their conversations internally with the client that there providing services to and the other half with us and that causes a lot of issues and what we need to make sure in 2021 one is that the agency the end client and the contractor all set a clear channel of communication so we can all reach the same objective and that is that all parties are happy and well informed.”Michael Masoomi - Team Lead for Interim Biometrics Recruitment at Hobson Prior This lack of consistent communication ultimately led to frustrated contractors, who were unclear if they were now in or out of scope, how this would impact their income and livelihoods, as well as how and when they would receive this information. With a high demand for rare and specialised professionals, it is easy to get to know a lot of the names and faces within some sectors. Show results with quantitative data Keep an eye out for if they respond with stats and numbers for their results, talk about new efficient processes or if they focus on managing teams and working with their colleagues. If you do choose to conduct the interview, ensure you are with a colleague and a HR representative if possible. We focus solely on the life sciences sector, as we believe it is the only way to know both employers and job seekers. Asking about their previous experiences will give a better indication of their preferred way of working and how they talk about their previous teams. Evidence over experienceA sure-fire way to protect yourself from any accusation or bias based on assumption from your existing relationship, is to ensure that you have evidence for anything you inherently believe about the candidate. CVs for manager jobs in pharmaceutical companies will likely come from professionals with a developed employment history; especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where academic success and external contributions to the field may hold core relevance. Our far-reaching campaign worked perfectly: a candidate with all the right skills, experience and qualifications applied on the basis that she adored horses and wanted to work in a location that would enable her to spend more time on her hobby. “The organisations that made blanket determination […] actually started to deter candidates from applying to contract projects there as they wanted to ensure that if they did have the possibility of operating outside of the legislation, then they at course could.” Many contractors we worked with were concerned that the determination process was being transferred from their control, so it is unsurprising that there was frustration when they were not being included in the determination process. Knowledgeable, Ethical Scientific and Medical Recruitment. This is a good way to break the ice and ensure they are still confident your company is a good match for them. As a senior and critical role that had already experienced disappointment for the client, we referred them to our executive search team and began the process of identifying the optimal. Headquartered in the UK, Network Scientific is an award-winning science and medical device recruitment agency offering quality temporary, permanent and contract recruitment services to the scientific, … Depending on the type of management position you are applying for, your technical and practical skills are not the only qualities hiring managers are looking to find in your CV. CVs are generally about 2 pages long and with potentially hundreds of other applicants, it is more beneficial to focus the relevant experience towards the beginning of the CV. A sentence or two summarising your key achievements in each position can be really helpful – where did you go above and beyond? Questions will vary based on the role, the candidate and whoever is conducting the interview, but there is a general pattern that follows second interviews. Finding the right skills is one thing, and then there is the common and frustrating challenge of people with the right skills and a poor attitude, who many life science recruitment agencies send to you. This is further supported by Zurich’s position as 2nd, Geneva as 9th and Basel as 10th globally on the Mercer Quality of Living Index 2020, which reviews quality of living standards in line with typical compensation packages. Global industry leading companies including Roche, Novartis, Merck and Celgene have a large presence within Switzerland and there is continued interest from international biotech and pharma companies, particularly from the US, to open new sites within the country. It was the companies that were willing to invest time and resources to these processes and engage their contractors, consultants and their peers in the market. “Those organisations and those that we partnered with that were really open and transparent to help and that consulted with their contractors on a one-on-one basis actually became hubs for talent. Would you find yourself fitting into the culture? Whilst it is certainly possible to be impartial, this may be considered a conflict of interests and could lead to accusations of nepotism or bias. “As our network and internal coverage expands, we can continue to connect life sciences professionals with the companies that need their services and offer innovative and efficient recruitment solutions for our clients”. We were then able to execute a search. Some top tips:Be specific about your project experience (phase of research, therapeutic area, whether you were in a support or lead role). By utilising our contacts, we were able to collect referrals of skilled professionals that matched our client’s criteria. “Do you want to revisit anything from the first interview?” Framing the question like this gives the candidate the opportunity to clarify themselves or highlight something they didn’t get to in the first interview. This is especially key if you are writing a manager CV for more senior roles within the pharmaceutical industry. Seven is the recruitment service that guarantees experienced, qualified and available staff exactly when you need them. Patrick Forster. Over 40 new biotechs and pharma companies established themselves in there in 2019, so why are so many pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland? Volt Life Sciences are a full service recruitment provider offering a multitude of service offerings to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, CRO, Medical Device & Healthcare communications agencies across the … Send us your CV. Pay attention to the finer details3. Even if you’ve followed all the procedures or even had a HR representative take over the process. We are part of the X4 Group, a global group of recruitment brands, united by a single purpose: to empower people to succeed. These questions are key to ensure that the ideal candidate is not only able to accept a potential offer, but also what expectations they may have from working with you as an employer. I have helped numerous candidates with this move, and it is worth the wait!If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this further (and the opportunities that I have on at the moment) then please contact me on Is it something you could do everyday? The Best Science Staffing Agencies The best clinical and scientific employment agencies that specialize in science staffing secured the Best of Staffing award by obtaining at least a 50% Net Promoter® score indicating that they provide exceptionally high levels of service to their science clients and job seekers. However, that was only the first of their challenges: First of all, Sigma Recruitment undertook extensive research, including a market map to make the client aware that candidates with the right skills, experience and qualifications were not available in the local area. Identifying a professional with the right level of experience and niche skillets, as well as having values that match your team’s culture and ethics, can be a challenge. We have built an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s most successful Life Sciences recruitment partners, sourcing the best talent and jobs across permanent and temp/contract roles. The situation With Switzerland globally renowned for life sciences innovation, the pharma industry is likely to have contributed significantly to this. Are they offering a permanent role or the opportunity to apply for the permanent position? Depending on how many stages are left in the interview process, the second interview will give you a good gauge on your final hiring decision. Detail any sponsor exposure you’ve had through your projects – have you worked on a commercial study? The liability would shift to the client who will be responsible for communicating this decision down the supply chain until it reaches the “Fee Payer” i.e. You’ll also benefit from additional services to ensure efficient turnaround.Local candidate pools Same day search International contractor support Pre-assessed submissions Full compliance and support Click here for more information, by What if they say something you believe to be untrue? Their team has grown from 5 members to over 50, with Hobson Prior responsible for the pre-screen checks, gathering references and on-boarding for half of these new hires. Press Release issued Nov 26, 2020: Established in 2012, EPM Scientific have since become the most, well regarded life sciences recruitment agency in the US. “Is there anything about the role or company that concerns/worries you?” A simple question, but key to ensuring both you and the candidate leave the interview with the information you need to make an informed decision. Backed by a specialist, award-winning team, the tool provides more than an algorithm and allows our clients to provide contractors with timely and accurate determinations, which in turn promotes better communication and more support in their preparations for April 2021                                                                                        See how Hobson Prior’s IR35 status determination tool can help life sciences companies best prepare for changes to IR35 by contact our team at, by A Team Approach Many companies had delegated one core lead for their IR35 preparations, but the ones that saw a more successful preparation process where those that had multiple internal stakeholders involved. Ensuring they have a chance to ask questions and showing awareness of their decision will give them a good opportunity to ensure they are excited to potentially join your team and give you the chance to alleviate any concerns they may have. Be honest about how you know the candidate and the extent of your relationship with them. What do you dislike and is there room to carve out your ideal role? As well as agree a budget and timescale – from this we tailored a recruitment package to suit them. It all counts, and it could be the difference between an interview or a rejection. “From the approaches that were good from our clients and the industry, in particular, were those that were open and transparent and shared not only their concerns with us, but with each other, whether it be forums or conferences – those that were open to their concerns and then their solutions definitely fared better than those that didn’t.”Elliot Tiffin - Vice President of Global Contract Services at Hobson Prior                                                                                             Because of our analysis and our proprietary interview booking and checking system, candidates turn up for the interview and stay the course. “Do you have any questions about the business or the role since your first interview?” In a multi-stage interview process, the candidate may be involved in other interview processes or have received new information since the last conversation. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your career progression, so it is important that you communicate your future plans and aspirations with your contracted employer and they know what you are expecting, where you want your career to go and the reasons behind you not moving to a permanent position sooner. If your responsibilities are going to change, it is key to assess if your reasons behind undertaking the contract job initially still balance with the new opportunity. Give a clear explanation on:How you will conduct the interviewHow they will be assessedWho will be involved in the decision-makingHow your existing relationship will (or rather will not) impact the proceedingsThe post-interview process and that you will not be able to influence the outcome Be honest and upfront about your relationship with them and address the elephant in the room. More importantly, how much experience do they have in the area of the industry that your company will be focusing on? If we were able to find an account using the email address you provided, we will have sent instructions to you on how to reset your password. Other life science recruitment agencies don’t seem to understand what is critical when it comes to recruiting the key people that make up your team. Life Sciences Recruitment Despite increased regulation, pricing pressures and the effects of healthcare reform, the life sciences sector is exhibiting resilience as it employs new research, development and business models to cost-effectively deliver innovation, value, and improved patient outcomes. This client required candidates with a background in pharmaceutical or life science as a project manager, as well as a related degree. Powering the future of STEM. Would your permanent employer be able to support your personal development through courses and training as part of your employment? This should relieve tension and set the tone for an impartial and hopefully positive experience for you both. Andy Haywood, Hobson Prior continues global expansion within life sciences recruitment support Life science recruitment company Hobson Prior has further expanded its global presence this month by opening a new office in Cape Town. With aspects such as the introduction of IR35 to the private sector in the UK impacting the contracting opportunities within life sciences, what should a life sciences professional consider when moving from contract to permanent employment in life sciences? It is important to understand the candidate’s expectations as this may impact your offer. If the candidate is unsuccessful, there may be impacts to your relationship outside of work, or even a complaint about your involvement. Finding the right candidate to join your company is key. How much diversity in the role is there and is there opportunity to create more diversity? We operate on an executive search, permanent and contract recruitment basis, covering pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs and medical devices sectors at the mid to senior level. take the interview on your behalf? They also secured a SECO interim recruitment license, enabling them to payroll Swiss contractors and provide compliant interim recruitment services to Swiss clients directly from their Basel office. Life Sciences recruitment We are the global pharmaceutical and biotech recruiting experts, operating across all aspects of clinical development and post-approval. Similarly, do you want to continue with the project? Switzerland and access to talent Switzerland has consistently ranked highly in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which measures and ranks countries based on their ability to grow, attract and retain talent. Switzerland and quality of life for employees Switzerland scores highly in employee retention on the GTCI 2020, suggesting a satisfactory lifestyle provided for potential employees. The company achieves unmatched results in talent placement, partnering with Europe’s leading employers and providing comprehensive premium search services … As a specialist Life Science recruitment consultancy, we will help you to ensure positive progression to your next phase, whatever it may be. Switzerland is one of the most popular places for a pharmaceutical company to establish a new site. “I know you’ve mentioned you’re ok with the amount of travel involved in this role, did you have any questions about this?” Questions about travel will likely have already taken place if it is core to the role. They may not know too much about the inner workings of your business, but you’ll be able to see their thought process, priorities and might even get some useful feedback on your existing processes.”   “What should our company be doing?” (alternatively, what are our competitors doing that we aren’t?) For life sciences professionals looking to advance their careers and move into management, ensuring their CV is targeted for these level positions is key to getting noticed and moving through the interview stages for more senior roles. This has enabled them to improve their solutions for clients, as well as support international businesses source talent to launch new sites within Switzerland. Our interim solutions are customised to ensure we provide you with fast delivery and high-quality candidates. They are often conducted by line managers and decision makers, so it is important that the right questions are asked. There will be an opportunity when the time is right, for yourself and for your future employer. It is also unsurprising that many growing companies in the pharmaceutical industry who are looking to expand internationally, choose Switzerland as the location for their sites including Hobson Prior, who have a team based in Basel. In addition to this hire, the Sigma Recruitment team has also supported roles including QA technicians, life scientists, QA managers and QA officers. Questions will usually fall into one of the following categories: With a large focus on the life sciences and pharma as a core export, it is unsurprising to see so many talented professionals - educated within Switzerland or living locally - and numerous start-up labs and biotech research teams establishing themselves across the country. These live examples are good ways to simulate conversations you will be having with them as a future employee. Blanket statements cost more than they saved The biggest area of contention we saw in the IR35 preparations in 2020, was how companies dealt with determining the status of their contractors. Hobson Prior focus solely on recruitment within life sciences so we pride ourselves on being experts in this industry. We were quickly able to source a list of 20 candidates that would be suitable for the role. The Sigma Recruitment Agency in Cardiff is one of the leading manufacturing & engineering recruitment agencies. “What I found most interesting was that it wasn’t just contractors that disagreed with the determination, it was actually contractors that didn’t feel listened too or valued and that was the biggest reason for them looking elsewhere.”Michael Masoomi - Team Lead for Interim Biometrics Recruitment at Hobson Prior There are numerous factors that can impact a status determination position and with contractors’ payment on the line, unclear communication and neglect complicated many previously amicable working relationships. Life science Quality engineers / technician, Production, process manufacturing engineer life science. Gain insights in your job search working with Canada's leading executive recruitment agency. Switzerland’s relationship within Europe Over a third of Swiss exports come from the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry and the territory has established itself as a leading hub for life sciences development within Europe. Ambition and enthusiasm are great traits for a potential employee, but it is never advisable to falsify information on your CV. “How would you describe yourself in one sentence? As life science recruiters with a 15-year history of delivering for our manufacturing clients, we understand your issues. contracting freedoms?There is a lot of rigidity within a contracting as hours are chargeable. “These steps are key to Hobson Prior’s plans for sustainable global growth and will empower us to continue our mission to provide exceptional recruitment solutions to candidates and clients across the life sciences sector, on a truly worldwide scale”Patrick Forster- Managing Director, Hobson PriorFor more information on Hobson Prior’s international recruitment solutions, please visit the employers section of the website or contact the client services team directly:Email: Telephone: (+44) 01892 612612, by

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