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Follow. We’re staring at the ghost fleet of Mallows Bay. Jess says: I just wrote a book on D.C. Just 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., lies one of the largest sunken ship graveyards in the Western Hemisphere: the so-called “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.” Another historical kayaking gem of the Potomac River, Mallows Bay is home to more than 200 partially submerged … Reply. Mallows Bay Ship Graveyard Nanjemoy, Maryland. (Dave Harp) Advocates for Mallows Bay say the governor’s lawyer has pressed NOAA to give the state the right to revoke the marine sanctuary status up to 15 years after its designation. 2:38. 1.5 hours: $49 3 hours: $75. Mallows Bay is a small bay on the Maryland side of the Potomac River in Charles County, Maryland, USA. Mallows Bay offers unique archaeological, recreational, historical, cultural, educational, and environmental opportunities for residents and tourists. Guided interpretative tours. Mallows Bay is one of many sites in the world where retired merchant and naval fleets have ceded their utility to more modern vessels and had their still-valuable parts stripped, are put out of use. Advocates say national marine sanctuary designation should draw many more visitors to see the Mallows Bay ghost fleet, providing a boost to local businesses. The site includes historic vessels dating back to the Revolutionary War, remains of the largest ‘Ghost Fleet’ of the World War I steamships, wildlife viewing areas, fishing, boating access and a hiking trail. These ghosts add useful ecological structure to the local habitat, drawing all kinds of shelter-seeking flora and fauna. We're talking about the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. Elizabeth says: the Woodrow Wilson House here in D.C. has an awesome exhibit on the Ghost Fleet at Mallows Bay. Author Donald G. Shomette of Dunkirk calls the wreckage the "Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay." Weekend Getaways, and Mallows Bay was definitely one of the coolest places I discovered in a year of research. Water quality monitoring. Kayakers and boaters hoping to view the Ghost Fleet should be aware that the waters of Mallows Bay are tidal. Mallows Bay on the lower Potomac is the site of a “ghost fleet” of nearly 200 wrecked vessels dating from the Revolutionary War through World War I. There’s no better vantage point than a two-person kayak from which to experience this dramatic collection, as well as to explore the bay’s marshy tributaries filled with abundant wildlife. 4 years ago | 3 views. Guarding the treasured ghost fleet of Mallows Bay. The Ghost Fleet, grounded in Mallows Bay, circa 1925. A 5-year-old proposal to establish a national marine sanctuary among the skeletal ghost ships in Charles County's Mallows Bay has been stalled in … (Don Shomette) After the war, most of the ships, by then considered useless, were moved along the Potomac to be salvaged by a local company that later abandoned them in Mallows Bay. Sometimes Interesting May 21, 2013 at 23:04. Tremendous wildlife viewing areas, single ramp small boating (shallow water) access to the Potomac River, kayak launch, fishing and hiking. Each ship is its own ecosystem sustaining fish, wildlife, and birds. Bay A Self Guided Tour of the Ghost Fleet WELCOME TO MALLOWS BAY! Browse more videos. Playing next. Nanjemoy - Explore the largest concentration of shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere, known as the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. You can schedule a tour to kayak and explore the Ghost Fleet and other historic vessels in the area. The river has claimed the ships. This shallow embayment and the waters immediately adjacent are home to nearly 200 historic shipwrecks dating from the Revolutionary War through the present, known as the “Ghost Fleet” of Mallows Bay. SpooneR. Discover The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay in Nanjemoy, Maryland: The remnants of a wooden-hulled fleet built and abandoned in WWI, now home to a thriving ecosystem. The Mallows Bay “Ghost Fleet” is the most distinguishing feature in the new marine park, with 118 wooden ships that were grounded in the river after World War I. Washington, D.C. - Explore the largest concentration of shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere, known as the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. Mallows Bay Kayak Tour. Go see the show before it closes. On April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson issued a national call to arms against Imperial Germany. Mother Nature didn't cooperate with me this day, I arrived just before low tide but the rain kept me grounded. Paddle among the Ghost Fleet. Just a short drive from Washington D.C., the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay is home to the largest number of visible historic shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere, and offers a truly unique paddling experience. Over one hundred wooden and steel- hulled ships dating from the 18th are located here, with nearly ninety belonging to … Test the waters (literally!) Judy, our trip coordinator and guide, was very helpful and gave us great tips to make the trip more enjoyable for our group of experienced and inexperienced kayakers. Mallows bay PHOTOS: PETER TURCIK, KIM HERNANDEZ, NATIONAL ARCHIVES & RECORD SERVICE. During the tour, our guides will focus on discussing the local wildlife and edible plants of the area. I recently booked a Mallows Bay "Ghosts of the Potomac" guided kayak tour for a group of 16 friends and coworkers. Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park (1440 Wilson Landing Road in Nanjemoy, Maryland). Sunday, November 20, 2011. He wrote a book about the ships, aptly titled “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.” In his house in Maryland, he shows me into a room packed with binders and boxes — his Mallows Bay archive. Tours for our 2020 season will be available through Charles County. This program is currently unavailable. Bring your own kayak and grab our interpretative water trail guide. Mallows Bay Park offers outdoor enthusiasts walking trails, a boat ramp and kayak launch. Gravel parking for 20 trailers. Click here to view all of our current programs. Mallows Bay Park offers excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. Reply. Also, National Geographic had a story in the Oct 1969 issue with some great pix. Posted on November 21, 2011 by David. To register, please visit the Charles County Department of Recreation, Parks and tourism website. Visitors can explore Mallows Bay Sanctuary in several ways. New Jersey, a steamship that sank in the waters of the Chesapeake in 1870, is the subject of the first part of this absorbing narrative. Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. “It’s everything I’ve done in the past 35 years,” he says, flipping through a binder. You may also want to check out Don Shomette’s book “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay” that provides the entire history. Good warning about the protruding bolts as well. As their building altered the course of American history, their scuttling has altered the ecology of Mallows Bay. Paddle through the WWI Ghost Fleet, the largest ship graveyard in the Western Hemisphere. I think you can … The Ghost Fleet was designated as a National Treasure in 2017. The wreck became the scene of large-scale relic hunting, but also of cutting-edge technology. The Accomac is the only steel-hulled vessel in Mallows Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Program and Charles County has published a guide that highlights sixteen of these wrecks for a self-guided tour. Come relax and enjoy the views with us! Report. The bay is the location of what is regarded as the "largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere" and is described as a "ship graveyard.". Outfitted in kayaks, we’ll paddle alongside grandiose ships rising out of the shallow backwater of the Potomac River and learn how these ships got here. Don’t have your own kayak? Kayaking with the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay, a companion volume to Tidewater Time Capsule, continues the author's quest to uncover the Bay's hidden history. Mallows Bay-Potomac River; Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary protects and interprets the remnants of more than 100 World War I-era wooden steamships – known as the "Ghost Fleet" - and other maritime resources and cultural heritage dating back nearly 12,000 years. We've got some tweets in. Tour the sunken 'Ghost Fleet' of Mallows Bay, Maryland. NOAA agreed two decades ago to include an opt … The Ghost Fleet includes more than 185 documented vessels, making up the largest assemblage of shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere. The self-guided tour of the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay consists of 16 points traveling around the bay and into the Burning Basin. All are available for public use at no cost. Paddle among the Ghost Fleet with a local outfitter to experience the history and incredible wildlife. Thanks for the additional info Janet. All tours are led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. This means that during high tide, few of the vessels stand above the water.

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