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The TheraPutty® exercises below should be personalized, easy to learn, and fun. Place fingers and thumb over the cone and lightly into the Theraputy. Bundles. Repeat each exercise ____ times. 1. These exercises will strengthen the muscles of your fingers, hand and forearm. About Flint Rehab. DIY Therapy Putty. Place the theraputty on a clean smooth surface preferably a table. Perform theraputty exercises. They may be incorporated with bracing and/or splinting, medication, and activity changes to relieve symptoms. Following a well-structured conditioning program will help you return to daily activities, as well as sports and other recreational pastimes. Many of you who have received therapy after a hand injury have probably used TheraPutty® material. Levels of resistance from easiest to most difficult: Tan - Yellow - Red - Green - Blue - Black HAND FLEXION Place putty in the palm at the base of the fingers. Our most common hand exercises, this handout uses simple images to explain 6 different AROM exercises. Pinch putty with thumb and each finger in turn. Thera-Putty Exercises Repeat these exercises _____ times for _____ times a day. GROSS OPPOSITION 1 Flatten the Theraputy into a circle and stick it on a flat surface. 3. FitMi Full-Body Therapy. Pinterest. Using TheraPutty with your patients can provide them with a lot of benefits. Why should you take on it if you can get the faster one? See more ideas about theraputty exercises, hand therapy, occupational therapy activities. This will make some of the best TheraPutty exercises more difficult as your patient progresses through the color-coded levels. When you send your patient home with theraputty, this handout gives the instructions on some of the most common exercises. The Benefits of Using TheraPutty. Full Grip Squeeze your fingers into the putty like your are making a fist. 5) Finger adduction exercises Begin by rolling the putty out, as previously. Bending only at the large knuckles, press putty down against the thumb. Acces PDF Hand And Digit Theraputty Exercises HAND AND FINGER EXERCISES Below, you will find hand strengthening activities for kids, hand strength activities for adults, and therapy tools to develop hand strength. Support Group on Facebook. Keeping knuckles straight, bend tips of fingers to squeeze putty. Hand exercises using putty Information for patients Therapy Services. Finger Extension Loop the putty over the end of the finger while it is bent. To perform the exercise, place your therapy putty on a flat surface and then slowly press into it with an open hand. Healing Hands Rehabilitation, Inc Calabasas Office 23586 Calabasas Rd., #206 Calabasas, CA. In Hand Manipulation Skills. Start Here. Our Products. 5. Jun 27, 2016 - Explore Kitty k's board "theraputty exercises", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Putty can also be used to exercise toes! Here are three benefits that your patients can reap from using TheraPutty: Gradual Testing and Improvement. File Type PDF Hand And Digit Theraputty Exercises Why you need to wait for some days to get or receive the hand and digit theraputty exercises stamp album that you order? Take thumb out to the side as if you were hitchhiking. Get Started. Bead Sorting; Mix beads in a ball of putty and direct the child to find them and pull them out, one at a time. › theraputty hand strengthening exercises pdf › theraputty home exercise program › printable occupational therapy exercises › theraputty home exercise TheraPutty exercises. Effective Hand Therapy Putty Exercises + Free PDF Read More » Diy Sensory Toys Sensory Boxes Sensory Activities Sensory Play Diy Fidget Toys Kindergarten Sensory Preschool Activities For Teens Art Therapy Activities. hand-digit-theraputty-exercises. Ball the putty up again, and then repeat the rolling process five to 10 times. Place fingers and thumb lightly on the edge of the circle. Turn palm toward your face and bring thumb straight towards you. This exercise is great for massaging scar tissue after carpal tunnel surgery. Pull up on the cone, bringing fingers and thumb together. Theraputty Exercises Carpal Tunnel Exercises Upper Back Strengthening Exercises Hand Exercises For Arthritis Anti Stress Ball Finger Gym Band Workout Workout Board Workout Belt More information ... People also love these ideas Thera-Putty Home Exercise Program Repeat these exercises _____ times for _____ times a day and press into the putty. Free Recovery Tips Ebook. theraputty exercises pdf provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. 2. You can find the thesame record that you order right here. See video below for some examples of putty exercises. Squeeze putty with all fingers and thumb. Release fingers, reshape putty and repeat process. Your therapist recommends you complete the marked exercises. 214. This is it the cassette that you can get directly after purchasing. Finger and Thumb Isolation Bend thumb across palm of the hand as far as you can Touch thumb to every finger making an "0" each time. Thera-Putty HEP. Facebook-f. Youtube. Some patients may benefit from specific exercises that help the median nerve move more freely within the carpal tunnel. Do them ____ times each. 4) Thumb flexion Holding the ball of putty in your fist and gently press your thumb into the putty. 30 … Exercises to help the radial nerve slide through the tunnel at the elbow can improve symptoms. The kids will love this homemade fidget putty just for them. Call 1-800-561-0310 A therapeutic exercise program is one treatment option your doctor may recommend. The patened Puttycise® tools are a new addition to the occupational therapy universe. This leaflet includes information on how to look after the putty and exercises for you to complete following demonstration from your therapist. Fingers-wrist-hand putty exercises. Jan 25, 2017 - Explore Sonya Carter's board "theraputty exercises", followed by 130 people on Pinterest. Effective Hand Therapy Putty Exercises + Free PDF | Flint ... Theraputty Exercises – Hand Strengthening . • Place a one -inch thick piece of putty between each pair of fingers and squeeze together. exercise more challenging. TheraBand exercise bands. Download File PDF Hand And Digit Theraputty Exercises Hand And Digit Theraputty Exercises Thank you extremely much for downloading hand and digit theraputty exercises.Most likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous period for their favorite books considering this hand and digit theraputty exercises, but end up in harmful downloads. Download » Thumb AROM. 4. Exercises may help reduce the pressure on the median nerve at the wrist. *Theraputty should be kept in an air tight container. Wash hands before and after using theraputty to keep it clean and avoid cross contamination and/or infection. Finger Hook Make a hook with your fingers as you press into the putty. Stretching and strengthening the muscles of the forearm can also help to relieve pain and tenderness. 1-800-593-5468. Ideally each child should use the same piece of theraputty at each session. This is a simple explanation of a few key thumb AROM exercises for improving motion of the … * Theraputty Advice Use theraputty as advised with the activity sheet provided. MusicGlove Hand Therapy . Support @ TheraPutty® hand exercise material is used by therapists to develop and maintain grip strength since the 1980s. Helpful Hand Therapy Putty Exercises + Free PDF. Use putty only on hard surfaces; it will ruin clothing, bedding and carpet. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, theraputty exercises pdf will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Raise and lower each finger one at a time. In hand manipulation skills refer to the ability to manipulate objects within the hand and include the skills of translation, rotation, and shift. Roll the palm of your hand over the putty to make a long putty tube. Best Squeeze into a ball to repeat the process. • Make a hook with your fingers • Squeeze your fingers into the putty like you are making a fist. While these exercises are targeted toward children, anyone can perform them with the help of a hand therapist or doctor. Article by Premium selection of Therapy Putty Hand Exercisers. Download » Tendon Glides HEP. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST. See more ideas about theraputty exercises, hand strengthening, hand therapy. Fast shipping in Canada. page 2 of 12 You have been provided with exercise putty by your therapist to help with your upper limb strength, range and/or co-ordination. Translation involves moving objects from the fingertips to palm and from the palm to fingertips. Easy recipe to make your own Therapy Putty! New! Place palm flat on the table. Hand & Digit Theraputty Exercises. Warning! Begin by rolling the putty (as exercise 2) then gently pinch the roll of putty between the tip of your thumb and the tip of each finger in turn. Mood Swings After Stroke: Why They Happen & How to Cope. Theraputty is used for strengthening. Place palm flat on the table. Exercises for use with Parsons Theraputy GROSS OPPOSITION 2 Create a cone shape and stick it on a flat surface. Replace in plastic container when not in use. Squeeze with fingers into the putty like you are making a fist.

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