water pump capacitor failure

I pump a fair amount of water, but I think I will adjust my sprinkling so the pump seldom stops and starts. When I flip the switch, the motor hums and does not spin. there's a tiny jerk when I flip the switch. If my system eats a new capacitor after I also add a new relay, I will just replace the pump. The basic definition of a capacitor is a device that’s used to store an electric charge. But if the relay is bad or the pump does not come up to speed quickly, the capacitor will smoke. Troubleshooting a pump motor should begin with testing the capacitor(s). Most pool pump motors utilize a start capacitor and/or a run capacitor. it gets very hot and the thermal switch is then tripped. What Is a Capacitor? The only function of the starting capacitor and starting relay is to start the pump. I opened the switch panel and inside is an approx. Every day that a pump is down, the likelihood of a lengthy and expensive cleanup increases. The second capacitor that quit was used, as is the one in there now. I have a 115V 1/2 HP water pump that boosts the water pressure in the house. Starting a pump to many times or (cycling) as it is called is the reason for having problems with the start cap and relay.

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