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(The scale will not perform accurately when it is not level.) A scale measures the sum of your total body weight. Weighing Indicator User’s Manual Edition:01-081008 Locosc Precision Load Cell Controller Scale PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory" 试用版本创建 炣www.fineprint.cn . Weight Capacity: 180 kg / 28 st / 400 lb Graduation: 0.05 kg (0.2 lb) Weight Units: kg / st / lb Platform: Tempered glass Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 25mm (11.8” x 11.8” x 1.0”) 1 x Smart Fitness Scale 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries 1 x User Manual a: Percentage Mode Turn the scale on, wait for the display to show 'V'. Body weight … If it is required, remember to zero/tare the scale after turning the scale … Read this manual thoroughly before use The formfit professional scale & measurement system allows you to keep track of your weight, body fat, muscle mass, water weight… is in TARE mode (for larger weights that are tared- off) The tare indicator will appear and the display will show "O". •Yellow light on when overload •Green light on when ok •Red light on when under-load •Connect with buzzer •Feeding control application •For hopper scales … Weight Management Your scale is the best tool for monitoring weight. 2 Preface Thanks for using LP7510 Weighing … Use multiple smaller weights for checking larger weight measurements if necessary. Press this key to reset the scale, to zero the scale, or to tare-off the weight of a container. or a malfunction. Standard printout “weighing data” Printout parts counting Printout adding Printout Percent 37 G : 8.65 g Gross Weight PERC : 30.19% Weight value in percent PCS : 10 pcs Reference quantity UW : 0.861 g Individual weight G : 8061 g Gross weight 1 : 35.07 g N First weighing 2 : 8.62 g N Second weighing 3 : 8.00 g N Third weighing specified calibration weight that can be found in its manual or in the manufacturer’s table of standard calibration weights. Avery Weigh-Tronix is one of the world’s leading suppliers of weighing scales, systems and equipment. Place the scale on the firm surface and adjust the feet so that the sprit level shows the scale is level for an accurate weighing… While not the only measure of weight loss, scales are the most popular method used to gauge weight-loss success. When the scale. Digital Scale & Body Analyzer Instruction Manual VG42252-0000 version: 1.0. Place your HL-WP on a firm weighing table so that the scale is level. We offer a wide range of industrial weighing systems and solutions, backed by an extensive service … •Check weigh application: •Connect indicator with yellow, green and red lights. Place items to be counted on scale…

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