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A lasting promise to your significant other may be established with custom-made engagement rings. Custom rings may be the start of a family treasure that has been passed down for centuries, whether you upload a picture to build your own or modify the styles we have to fit your taste. By arising together with your unique appearance, you can be sure that no one else will own an engagement ring precisely like you and feel happy with yourself for having made something that expresses who you are as a couple or as an individual. We customise produce jewellery on-site because we believe that every item of jewellery should be exceptional in its own right. Our designers are well renowned for producing work of an exceptionally high calibre. You won’t discover their stunning collection of outstanding creations on these sites. Since our Diamonds and gems are all hand-selected, we have been receiving business from customers for more than 20 years. For every diamond, we give our clients an Ideal-Scope and HCA evaluation in addition to a GIA certificate. This explains why we diamond seems larger, shines more, and is brighter than other diamonds of the same size. 

Engagement Ring Selection 

It’s easy to construct your bespoke wedding band and engagement ring with us or you may locate the ideal one there. Whether you have a certain ring design in thoughts or a photograph of an engagement ring to paint with, our jewellers will paint with you to create and bring a unique custom-made engagement ring that symbolises you and your functional engagement. Hand-selected and all over, our diamonds are flawless. GIA report is available for 7 carats. The HCA test and the Ideal Scope selection procedure must also be completed by all of our gems. We are Melbourne-based makers of fine engagement rings and personalised diamond jewellery. With the finest quality diamonds to give you the sparkliest diamonds in your jewellery, our jewellers are extremely skilled and enthusiastic about offering our clients the most exquisite custom-made engagement rings and diamond jewellery conceivable. 

Engagement rings made with sapphire 

Discover the best custom sapphire engagement rings Melbourne. Every sapphire gemstone is hand-picked based on its exceptional qualities and striking beauty. Collaborating directly with artisanal gemstone suppliers and cutters worldwide, we can provide our clients with exquisite rare Sapphires that exhibit remarkable colour, saturation, and hue. Find the engagement or special occasion ring of your dreams in sapphire today Saphire engagement rings Melbourne made of pure 9K, 14K, or 18K gold are eternal beauties. Savour them. Across ages and civilisations, these rich blue gemstones have traditionally been associated with loyalty and intelligence. Our designs blend factors of the past and gift to make your sapphire ring a one-of-a-kind, conventional piece to treasure built in our Melbourne studio.