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A car fanatic knows that it up keeps is significant. He will be into its servicing head over heels. A car manic possesses all the related knowledge but in some instances, you may don’t know the issue. The Gold Coast Mechanical and Car Electronics is at your service. It’s a local family business providing professional services since 1976. It has scored a lot of more gratified customers over 40 years.  GCCEM is a squad of dedicated professionals who are trained and pleased to help your vehicle needs. Our team has the expertise to solve tough diagnostics matters. We assure you the top-quality workmanship, investing valuable money, honest and right services. We take pride in ranking as the top leading industry in Queensland and best for maintenance and repair matters.

Car Servicing

Driving is the riskiest factor. As in if your car will be in a compromised state then the safety of your family will be compromised as well. It’s vital to use quality oils and parts in car servicing thus you can drive it on an optimal range.

Logbook Amenities

Our mechanics perform car servicing in gold coast with the coordination of manufacturing requirements. Only those parts and oils are used that come upto the mark. We will stamp the logbook for the warranty. For bonuses, the logbook services will consist of Tyre Guard and Roadside Assistance. All these perks will be provided at very minimal rates. You can trust us with all these prime services or your car.

Maintaining Facilitates

We recommend the regular servicing and maintaining of the vehicle, but few people come once in a year. Our perfectly tailored services will suit our needs. Our prices are fixed. Services will be including oil flush to eliminate varnish or gum deposits from it, a prime Ryco Filter, and Penrite oil as recommended for replacement. Rotation of tires and complete inspection of your vehicle is done by us. You can ask us any questions if feeling confused.


We keep in mind the budget constraints as well and mostly we ask for only basics. Our budget favours basic services. Our mechanics carry full inspection and make sure the fluid level is maintained, will give you a report of issues or any further maintenance if needed. We will be offering five litters of oil filters and oils. 4X4s, SUVs, and a few other exotic vehicles will demand a surcharge for this service. We add value to our all services. Isn’t it sound perfectly great?

Get in touch today.We assure you of the premium services. You will find a team of authentic people. Our super professional expert and friendly staff will make sure that you enjoy all the prime amenities.