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Weight is one of the most common problems in this world. People who try everything to get rid of excess fat but do not find any results are very worried and look out for several different things which help them lose their weight. However, sometimes the last option for a weight loss is surgery but the people who do not want to go under a surgery have one option which is surely effective for a weight loss. It has been gaining popularity for years and now it has become the most effective procedure for a weight loss especially for the people who do not prefer surgery. Following are the things that you need to know about the gastric balloon.

  1. A gastric balloon is a tool which is inserted and removed inside the human’s stomach through their mouth, it goes down directly through the throat and the balloon fills up once it reaches the stomach. When inserting the gastric balloon, the patient is gently tranquillized.
  2. The balloon is filled with the saltwater that increases its weight. The filled balloon in your stomach helps you eat less as it makes you feel full so you do not feel the need to eat more. Eating less helps you lose weight which you might not be able to by following other options.
  3. The balloon is inserted in your stomach temporarily and lasts maximum for six months, and then it is removed from your body. Maintaining the weight after its removal becomes easy as the patient becomes habitual of eating less which helps in maintaining their weight.
  4. The balloon is inserted in the adult body; it is not approved for the kids as it might be harmful to them. Hence, it is better for people over 30 or 40 to get this procedure.
  5. There is no hard and fast rule to eat only certain foods. The other options for a weight loss have limitations for the food but the only focus of inserting a gastric balloon in your stomach to occupy some room in your stomach so that you eat less which results in a weight loss.

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